Tights Experience

Happy Saturday!

Today is DYI Saturday! I am surfing the internet looking for smart and simple DYI ideas to change the look of my rental apartment. I am not a really creative person in this sense, so I am really looking for inspiration.. cheap one, possibly..

While I am waiting for my brain to get illuminated, today we will talk about tights. In the winter time I wear a lot of skirts and dresses as I found them to be warmer than jeans. Now it is a perfect time to wear 100 Den tights, covering in full the leg  without loosing the charm and elegance. I have many and I prefer them to leggings as they last longer and even after many wash, they are still tight to the body. I do not have a favorite brand , but I got to say in the South of Europe I buy a lot of Calzedonia… they usually have many different styles perfectly in sync with the latest trends.

One of the news from this collection are the push-up tights. I bought them in black, but they are available also in blue, dark green, grey and burgundy. They are perfect because they cover the leg giving a push-up effect in the bum-bum.

IMG_9768_2 IMG_9781 IMG_9782 IMG_9783


Good night everyone!7b1da0a4102bbf004372ba50d48dddc3

My Favorites Souvenirs

Good Evening girls (and boys)!

In this moment I am coming back to the Netherlands after a week spent home with family and friends. I spent a wonderful couple of days, I didn’t do anything special, but it is always nice to be around people you love, with sun and clear sky and far from the noise pollution of the big city! Usually when I go back to visit my parents, I take advantage of the beautiful shops and high-quality fabrics to do lots of shopping, but this time I did not bother much… I was really tired and I needed some rest. ,Yes I would have loved to buy many things I saw there, but I need to watch my pocket as well ))

Anyway, what I really cannot miss to do when I am back is doing a big grocery shopping of my favorite food… This time I filled the luggage with homemade products and I had to leave some packages of pasta, biscuits etc in Italy… but it is not a big tragedy as in a month I will be going home again for Christmas, together with my husband this time, and we will have 2 luggage to fill!..

I am not a meat lover, I don’t buy it, but I do not consider myself a vegetarian and in fact below you will also some pics of hams, salami.. I have to admit it, homemade and fresh products just taste differently…

Different biscuits and Ferreros

Different biscuits and Ferreros

Hams, different types of Cheeses & Piadina

Hams, different types of Cheeses & Piadina

Pumpkin gnocchi

Pumpkin gnocchi

Travel Essencials

Hello ladies & gentleman!

Today I am packing to go visiting my family and friends to Italy.. I will be staying a week, but I am trying to pack everything in a little bag as I am planning to come back with a big full luggage. I like to visit supermarkets when I am traveling and usually when I go back home, I came back with a full stock of local and typical food, all my favorites biscuits, cheeses, wines, drinks, pastas all in one bag! Somehow once in my apartment, I am almost afraid to eat them as I do not want them to finish..and I really make an effort not to eat my favorites sauces and homemade delicatessen all at once!

Anyway, after many years packing and unpacking I am learning to take only the necessary cloths and all mini size body care products not to use much space.  The weather should be a couple of degree warmer, but according to the weather forecast, the weather will arrive during my stay, so I decided to take:

– little presents for my niece and nephew

-1 black cardigan and 1 black long sleeve t-shirt (good for any occasion)

2 dresses

1 pair of black skinny jeans

1 pair of jeans

1 sweater

1 pair of ankle boots

1 skirt (just in case)

IMG_9605 IMG_9610 IMG_9613 IMG_9619


Needless to say, my friend and I did quite a lot of shopping in Edinburgh and I finally entered in a Primark, which I had never been before, I guess I was the only one!! I found a lot of little cute things and I tried to contain myself not to empty my wallet and…but we almost couldn’t close our luggage in the way back!

I bought pretty simple stuff, like sweater and dresses that i can use everyday, but I am pretty satisfied with my choices..

Shopper Bag Museum of Art

Shopper Bag Museum of Art


Nike sportwear - Air Pegasus

Nike sportwear – Air Pegasus

La Senza panties

La Senza panties


Primark mustache knit

Primark mustache knit

Beauty Narcisism

Hello and happy Sunday!

I have to say, I am not a big fan of make-up, I usually use just my favorite black eyeliner and mascara. In the night out I only add a bit of gloss or lipstick, but I am definitely not one of those that stays hours in the bathroom getting ready before going out… I like to see people with nice make.up, eyeshadows ect, but it is just not my style…

On the other end, I have tons of creams, body lotions, body scrubs and face masks..so deep inside I am a narcissist as well, we have to confess…everybody is in a way or in the other! And to confirm this theory I just want to show you all the creams I bought during my weekend away. It does not always need to be an expensive product, you can still find good items spending just few euros..  I went to this 2-floor Boots drugstore and I think i have spent hours inside… here in the Netherlands you do not find really so many choices of brands and products and I miss that!


Moroccan Oil for Hair , Sanctuary Spa Moisture Body Oil


Set of Brazilian Nut Body Butter, Body Wash and Body Cream by Fair Trade Market
Miniature Lancome Perfumes
Body Spray Boots

Burt’s Bee kit – Lipstick, hand cream, foot cream, lip gloss






Scottish Autumn

Hello beauties!

In the last couple of days I was in Edinburgh, It was my first time there, but I really loved the city! The autumn colors, the castle, he people, the atmosphere was really great and I look forward to go back next year, maybe for Christmas shopping, you can really find beautiful, different and cheap stuff! We were lucky because the weather wasn’t too bad and we had the time to have a nice night out.. luckily a local recommended us a couple of places to go , lots of different type of people, of different ages, loved it! We went in a couple of small art exhibition and to the Museum of Scotland which was pretty interesting, for the rest we really just walked around randomly, trying to imagine ourselves living there. We staying at the Hilton lated in the young part of the city, close to the shopping area, but I would really recommend to stay on the other side, in the old part of town because it is really charming and full of street art..

And from some of the pictures below, you can have an idea of how nice the city is..

IMG_9299 IMG_9525 IMG_9486 IMG_9565 IMG_9358_2

House Party Style

Good evening everyone!

It is getting really cold outside and it is the perfect time to do some house parties, good music, friends and everyone warm inside!!! In the winter I really love to gather friends at home and spend a good time laughing and having fun ). It is almost the end of the month and it was a busy one for me, party organization, weekend in Edinburgh and on Sunday I am heading to Italy to spend a week with family and friends..

Anyway, going back to the party.. I did not take picture of the event because we were too busy entertaining, making sure everybody was having fun and had enough food and drinks.. I choose to wear a simple, comfy, but still nice outfit..

IMG_9600_2 IMG_9603_2

Black & White Skirt : Mango    Black basic tee : Zara     Ankle boots : Bertie

Casual DayWear

Hello Ladies!

Yesterday we had a party here in our house and it was really fun! It turned out very good, the decoration, the lasers were perfect for the atmosphere and so many people showed up! We were really happy at the end of the night, everybody seemed to have enjoyed the night! In the next few days I will show you the outfit I used last night, but today after having spent most of the day cleaning up the mess, I am a bit lazy and I decided to show you one of my really classic daywear I had already prepared for a post..

I love green and it is one of the colors I used the most, I have green pants, green dress, green scarf, green necklaces all in different tones..

Some weeks ago I bought this simple dress from Sessun , super comfy and easy to wear. I have to say i am really happy with this, especially because it is a bit fleece on the inside and it keeps me warm now that the weather is starting to get cold..In the pictures below I am wearing the same dress with 2 different necklaces, the first is a Silver Chain by Julivers I bought in one of my favorite stores in Amsterdam and the second one is a green rope statement necklace from NasukKa, a Bosnian designer I found in Etsy.com



Evening Beauty Routine

Happy day everyone!

Today we need a beauty moment to start preparing our skin to the cold and wind that will knock very soon at our doors, winter is literally almost there and I am already starting to feel cold and lazy ).
I do not have perfect soft skin and in contrary, it is actually pretty sensitive, it gets red really fast and with the first cold, I always get peeling flaky skin in my hands. To avoid the horrible winter signals, every night before sleeping, I go through a simple and quick beauty routine with the products I like the most right now..

I use an organic cream from Pure, Dutch designer, Clinique Moisture Surge Intense and a Natural Almond Oil for the body. I also massage my feet with Pure Foot Cream, perfect moisture to get soft feet after a long day at work.