Casual DayWear

Hello Ladies!

Yesterday we had a party here in our house and it was really fun! It turned out very good, the decoration, the lasers were perfect for the atmosphere and so many people showed up! We were really happy at the end of the night, everybody seemed to have enjoyed the night! In the next few days I will show you the outfit I used last night, but today after having spent most of the day cleaning up the mess, I am a bit lazy and I decided to show you one of my really classic daywear I had already prepared for a post..

I love green and it is one of the colors I used the most, I have green pants, green dress, green scarf, green necklaces all in different tones..

Some weeks ago I bought this simple dress from Sessun , super comfy and easy to wear. I have to say i am really happy with this, especially because it is a bit fleece on the inside and it keeps me warm now that the weather is starting to get cold..In the pictures below I am wearing the same dress with 2 different necklaces, the first is a Silver Chain by Julivers I bought in one of my favorite stores in Amsterdam and the second one is a green rope statement necklace from NasukKa, a Bosnian designer I found in




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