Scottish Autumn

Hello beauties!

In the last couple of days I was in Edinburgh, It was my first time there, but I really loved the city! The autumn colors, the castle, he people, the atmosphere was really great and I look forward to go back next year, maybe for Christmas shopping, you can really find beautiful, different and cheap stuff! We were lucky because the weather wasn’t too bad and we had the time to have a nice night out.. luckily a local recommended us a couple of places to go , lots of different type of people, of different ages, loved it! We went in a couple of small art exhibition and to the Museum of Scotland which was pretty interesting, for the rest we really just walked around randomly, trying to imagine ourselves living there. We staying at the Hilton lated in the young part of the city, close to the shopping area, but I would really recommend to stay on the other side, in the old part of town because it is really charming and full of street art..

And from some of the pictures below, you can have an idea of how nice the city is..

IMG_9299 IMG_9525 IMG_9486 IMG_9565 IMG_9358_2


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