Beauty Narcisism

Hello and happy Sunday!

I have to say, I am not a big fan of make-up, I usually use just my favorite black eyeliner and mascara. In the night out I only add a bit of gloss or lipstick, but I am definitely not one of those that stays hours in the bathroom getting ready before going out… I like to see people with nice make.up, eyeshadows ect, but it is just not my style…

On the other end, I have tons of creams, body lotions, body scrubs and face deep inside I am a narcissist as well, we have to confess…everybody is in a way or in the other! And to confirm this theory I just want to show you all the creams I bought during my weekend away. It does not always need to be an expensive product, you can still find good items spending just few euros..  I went to this 2-floor Boots drugstore and I think i have spent hours inside… here in the Netherlands you do not find really so many choices of brands and products and I miss that!


Moroccan Oil for Hair , Sanctuary Spa Moisture Body Oil


Set of Brazilian Nut Body Butter, Body Wash and Body Cream by Fair Trade Market
Miniature Lancome Perfumes
Body Spray Boots

Burt’s Bee kit – Lipstick, hand cream, foot cream, lip gloss







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