Tights Experience

Happy Saturday!

Today is DYI Saturday! I am surfing the internet looking for smart and simple DYI ideas to change the look of my rental apartment. I am not a really creative person in this sense, so I am really looking for inspiration.. cheap one, possibly..

While I am waiting for my brain to get illuminated, today we will talk about tights. In the winter time I wear a lot of skirts and dresses as I found them to be warmer than jeans. Now it is a perfect time to wear 100 Den tights, covering in full the leg  without loosing the charm and elegance. I have many and I prefer them to leggings as they last longer and even after many wash, they are still tight to the body. I do not have a favorite brand , but I got to say in the South of Europe I buy a lot of Calzedonia… they usually have many different styles perfectly in sync with the latest trends.

One of the news from this collection are the push-up tights. I bought them in black, but they are available also in blue, dark green, grey and burgundy. They are perfect because they cover the leg giving a push-up effect in the bum-bum.

IMG_9768_2 IMG_9781 IMG_9782 IMG_9783


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