Orange Cake


If you were curious to try the Orange Cake recipe without butter I posted here , you can find it below. Let me know if you tried it and how you think it is.. .it is a very simple cake, ideally for breakfast and maybe you can cut it and put some home-made jam in it.


  • •250 gr. flour
  •  300 gr. sugar
  • •1 small package yeast
  • •4 eggs ( I put only 2 to make it lighter)
  •  1 glass of fresh orange juice
  •  orange peel

First of all separate the egg yolk and whites and whip up the egg whites with the sugar. After add the orange juice and the egg yolks. Continue to mix adding the flour, the yeast and the shredded orange peel. Prepare the form and fill it with the mixture (if you can, leave it rest for 10 minutes) and put it in the oven at  180°C for 30 minutes. If you like, you can serve it together with an orange cream or as alternative you can use lemons.

Simple orange cake without butter

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