Starting the month

Hello and Happy December!

December …busy month, full of work Christmas parties, Friends Dinners and celebrations , any excuse is good to celebrate the holiday season and to greet everybody before going home to spend some quality time with the family. I love the excitement of Christmas decorations and gift brainstorming… this year I decided to prepare my Christmas decor in white, silver glitter and light blue, so that’s my shopping mission of the weekend!

On the other side, I have some gift ideas already, but I did not make up my mind yet on my Christmas wish list, I still need some days to think about it and show it to you!

Meanwhile,  lately I fall in love with oversize, fluffy colorful coats and I seriously considering give myself a present and buy one. I am always cold and I am a bit concerned these coats don’t really protect much from the frizzy winter days, so the best would be to wear them with a really big wool scarf.

TopShop Coat

TopShop Coat

TopShop Coat

TopShop Coat

Mohair Coat Zara

Mohair Coat Zara


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