Organizing Bags

Hello and Happy Sunday beauties!

I am back!

Did you finish all your Christmas shopping? I have to say the truth, I had so many plans this year, but I am still missing a couple of gifts which I will go buy tomorrow…

Today even if we are already in a holiday mood, I will talk about cleaning and organizing!YEAH, i know not very trendy, but yesterday while I was running the errands I realize I am starting to pile out leather bags and purses and I have to find a way to maintain them well and in a good space!

I usually keep them in the original fabric bag they came with, but if it is not possible it is good put them in a cotton case you can create yourself and once in a while clean them with a dry cloth or, even better, with an alchool-free baby wipes or moisturizer. I did a bit or research online and what I am doing appear to be correct, moreover it is good tip to stuff some “bubble bags” inside the purses as well.
Now the biggest problem, WHERE to store them? I still did not figure it out, especially because I do not have storage space in my ap! Where do you store yours?

IMG_9952_2 IMG_9954 IMG_9955 IMG_9956



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