First of 2014

Good Evening girls!

2014, just starting with so many resolutions, but the beginning of the year seems already so far. Plenty of long working days at the office during this first week and expected for the rest of the month as well, but I still do not want to renounce to the small evening beauty routine, nail polishing (in all tones of red and purples).

Sun in a winter day brings my humor up to the sky, smiling and laughing for no reason, everything is perfect and I feel grateful for what I have. Simply a perfect moment as these shoots I took during our first trip of 2014 to Trieste.

IMG_0065_2 IMG_0091 IMG_0087 IMG_0080 IMG_0063 IMG_0086 IMG_0054 IMG_0050 IMG_0048 IMG_0018 IMG_0046 IMG_0042 IMG_0040 Zara shorts , Necklace Heaven Signs, Sunglasses Oackley , Essy Hello Rings



2014 Resolutions

Happy NEW YEAR beauties!!! Hope you had a wonderful entrance in 2014 and an awesome party night with family and friends!

We just arrived yesterday back home after a week of holidays and I am recharged and ready to start again my real 2014 life! When I woke up I through about my resolutions for this year, nothing really special, but If I commit, I think I can manage to realize what I am planning! GOOD LUCK everyone!

1.  Learn Dutch . After some basic studies, I def need to start speaking it for real!


2. Go back to exercise .  Yoga and pilate classes that relax my body and soul


3. Save Money. Every occasion is go to save some money and start to thing about my future and where I want to get in life


4. Travel, go somewhere new


5. Just be HAPPIER. Just enjoy being myself, have fun, laugh, be around people I love and just appreciate everything I am. BE HAPPY and people will see you under a different brighter light!


And I promise I will start to commit to this blog and write regularly!

Now let’s enjoy the last day of holidays!!!

Bye bye )