2014 Resolutions

Happy NEW YEAR beauties!!! Hope you had a wonderful entrance in 2014 and an awesome party night with family and friends!

We just arrived yesterday back home after a week of holidays and I am recharged and ready to start again my real 2014 life! When I woke up I through about my resolutions for this year, nothing really special, but If I commit, I think I can manage to realize what I am planning! GOOD LUCK everyone!

1.  Learn Dutch . After some basic studies, I def need to start speaking it for real!


2. Go back to exercise .  Yoga and pilate classes that relax my body and soul


3. Save Money. Every occasion is go to save some money and start to thing about my future and where I want to get in life


4. Travel, go somewhere new


5. Just be HAPPIER. Just enjoy being myself, have fun, laugh, be around people I love and just appreciate everything I am. BE HAPPY and people will see you under a different brighter light!


And I promise I will start to commit to this blog and write regularly!

Now let’s enjoy the last day of holidays!!!

Bye bye )





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