Restarting from September

New month has began! September, month that signs the end of the summer, the beginning of school, the return to the office after holidays and the beginning of fall and shopping for the new season!

Summer went by soooo fast for me because of the pregnancy and fall is slowly kicking in, but I decided to wait a little bit more before starting the proper autumn clothing shopping as I hope to return back in shape soon, but still I cannot hold myself to search and look around for the new trends… so I decided it is time for a little treat, SHOES time! As much as I love fashion, for some reason I have never been a big fan of shoes and shoes shopping, but I definitely need a new pair for this first cloudy days! Luckily for me this is the year of flats, plateau and wedges, great to walk around even for a stroll in the city with the buggy!

My everyday pick for now is:



Reply Leather AnkleBoots

Repley Leather AnkleBoots


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