Happy Sunday!!!

After a full night partying with my baby boy ( read NO sleep), this morning I woke up incredibly early and I stared looking outside the window trying to find a ray of sun behind those clouds and I asked myself, if September had to be a color, what would it be? Far from the fashion trends of the season, thinking of our surroundings and of what Mother Nature is offering us , what color would you pick?

September has to be Beige, the beginning of the fall, transition month, the first yellowish leaves on the trees and the green one slowly falling down.. Now if we would have to convert this color into fashion, we can definitely translate it into CAMEL. I’ve always like this color in this season, but this year more than ever is a big return. So here some little shopping ideas with this tone..


Asos Midiskirt

Asos Midiskirt

Nanushka Long Camel Coat

Nanushka Long Camel Coat

Wool Hat

Zalando Wool Hat



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