Coffee Immersion

Coffe, dark brown, its soft but intense smell travels around the house on a Saturday morning, while I look outside the window and contemplate the beautiful blue sky. I pour myself a cup, add some warm whip milk and here it is, a perfect cappuccino, Italian style.  I was never a big fan of pure coffee (especially espresso), but in the past months I realized it became my addiction, part of my morning routine to really wake up and start the day in the energetic way. A yogurt or a fruit is not enough anymore. Coffee, how a simple drink can bring people together, make them gather around a table or sitting comfortably on the sofa and talk about everything that crosses our mind? It is a drink, but it has a very strong character. It is almost a state of mind, caffeine makes you hyper, but on the contrary, sitting down and enjoying it makes you very relaxed.

And now after this energizing time, let’s hit the gym to kick off the weekend. Nothing better than a bit of adrenaline to wake me up, nothing too strong..pilates will do it for today.

Nike Leggings

Nike Leggings

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Nike Sport Bra

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Asics Longsleeve Shirt


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