Going back to accessories

Good Morning!

Nature is my biggest inspiration, the energy that Vitamine D gives me is something inexplicable. I am definitely not a designer and I do not have the creativity to be one, but I highly appreciate when something is handmade. On the other hand I can be a great fan, when I like a collection, i keep following the designer to discover the most up-to-daate articles!

Trincar Uvas is the perfect example.  Coming from Portugal, deeply inspired by tribal and folk arts & crafts trincar uvas jewelry uses simple and ancient materials and techniques. Most of the pieces are one of a kind or made in a run of very small editions.

The other day walking into my friend’s store I discovered she starting a new project called Wandering Nubula, a collection of t-shirt and jewelry and I surely purchased mine. A versatile collection, a true necklace for everyone, a touch of light blue and aqua gemstone to bring some color hanging in a brass chain. This is the perfect gift even for that friend that does not use jewelry. I am already a proud owner of 2 necklaces of the previous collection ( I will write a post about them very soon), but for now check out her page on Etsy and get amazed!

IMG_0776wandering nubula


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