Treating Myself

Happy Sunday!!

This week I received a beautiful gift from Rituals.. and the weekend is the perfect time to try it out!

Pumping up a little bit helps our body and our mind to relax, to show ourselves the love we have for our body. I think it is all part of the process of learning to accept who and how we are.

So here I show you some products of different lines I tried:

Wai Wang Body Scrub – I love body scrubs and this have to be in my favorite list. Great smell of Lotus flower & Yi Yi Ren.

Magic Touch body cream – What to say of this cream? I do not want to repeat myself, but the smell of this is absolutely lovely. Rice milk and cherry blossom leave a sweet, elegant fragrance on the body.. I would define this as a romantic cream, great for date night!

Samurai Ice Shower gel  – I personally did not know this line before. They have several men products, but this shower gel is perfect for girls too. I definitely recommended it for a unique cooling experience, and it is great if you are cold or with soak throat, it really gave me the sensation of opening up all the pores thanks to the Japanese Mint smell.

Creamy Foam Cleanser of lotus flower & Moringa extract – Again, another product I did not know before, but totally worth it to try it. It helps the skin to fight everyday pollution and after use, the skin is really well moisturized.

IMG_0802 IMG_0804_2 IMG_0805_2 IMG_0806_2 IMG_0807_2

Enjoy and relax because the weekend is almost over!!


Beauty Narcisism

Hello and happy Sunday!

I have to say, I am not a big fan of make-up, I usually use just my favorite black eyeliner and mascara. In the night out I only add a bit of gloss or lipstick, but I am definitely not one of those that stays hours in the bathroom getting ready before going out… I like to see people with nice make.up, eyeshadows ect, but it is just not my style…

On the other end, I have tons of creams, body lotions, body scrubs and face deep inside I am a narcissist as well, we have to confess…everybody is in a way or in the other! And to confirm this theory I just want to show you all the creams I bought during my weekend away. It does not always need to be an expensive product, you can still find good items spending just few euros..  I went to this 2-floor Boots drugstore and I think i have spent hours inside… here in the Netherlands you do not find really so many choices of brands and products and I miss that!


Moroccan Oil for Hair , Sanctuary Spa Moisture Body Oil


Set of Brazilian Nut Body Butter, Body Wash and Body Cream by Fair Trade Market
Miniature Lancome Perfumes
Body Spray Boots

Burt’s Bee kit – Lipstick, hand cream, foot cream, lip gloss