New Year Wishlist … Travel Mood

Good evening my dears!

Today after a fun night out, I spent the day cleaning and wondering around the house, really quite day for me, but I had enough time to think what I wanna do next and I prepare my 2014 travel wishlist! Maybe I am too ambitious, as I am almost sure I will not be able to stop in all those dream places, but worth to try .. i will have to work a lot for it!

london– Shopping Weekend in London

ouro preto– Family visiting trip to Brazil

malaga– Relaxing days in the south of Spain (Malaga and Granada)

safari-Tour  and safari in Mozambique and Zimbabwe ( My dream would became true!!)




Travel Essencials

Hello ladies & gentleman!

Today I am packing to go visiting my family and friends to Italy.. I will be staying a week, but I am trying to pack everything in a little bag as I am planning to come back with a big full luggage. I like to visit supermarkets when I am traveling and usually when I go back home, I came back with a full stock of local and typical food, all my favorites biscuits, cheeses, wines, drinks, pastas all in one bag! Somehow once in my apartment, I am almost afraid to eat them as I do not want them to finish..and I really make an effort not to eat my favorites sauces and homemade delicatessen all at once!

Anyway, after many years packing and unpacking I am learning to take only the necessary cloths and all mini size body care products not to use much space.  The weather should be a couple of degree warmer, but according to the weather forecast, the weather will arrive during my stay, so I decided to take:

– little presents for my niece and nephew

-1 black cardigan and 1 black long sleeve t-shirt (good for any occasion)

2 dresses

1 pair of black skinny jeans

1 pair of jeans

1 sweater

1 pair of ankle boots

1 skirt (just in case)

IMG_9605 IMG_9610 IMG_9613 IMG_9619


Needless to say, my friend and I did quite a lot of shopping in Edinburgh and I finally entered in a Primark, which I had never been before, I guess I was the only one!! I found a lot of little cute things and I tried to contain myself not to empty my wallet and…but we almost couldn’t close our luggage in the way back!

I bought pretty simple stuff, like sweater and dresses that i can use everyday, but I am pretty satisfied with my choices..

Shopper Bag Museum of Art

Shopper Bag Museum of Art


Nike sportwear - Air Pegasus

Nike sportwear – Air Pegasus

La Senza panties

La Senza panties


Primark mustache knit

Primark mustache knit